Insanity Workout

Getting ripped six pack abs is hard to do if you are only working on the ab muscles. There is so much more than needs to go into the workout then just focusing on your core strength. What you need to do is a total body conditioning program that will burn away the fat and Insanity is that program.

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Fitness trainer Shaun T has developed Insanity to be the hardest at home conditioning program ever made. What he has done is taken interval training and flipped it upside down. In the past interval training would be short bursts of speed with long rests. Insanity is done with long bursts of intense movements followed by short breaks. Doing so will build your strength up and get your metabolism going. Insanity is so challenging that the warm up will leave you dripping in sweat. Be prepared to be drenched in sweat at the end of each workout as you are pushing yourself to the max each and every time.

How Insanity works is it is done 6 days a week over a 60 day period with a one week rest week in between. Each of the 10 workouts are about 45 minutes long. While this workout is more of a cardio workout you will be throwing in a lot of resistance training as your body weight will be used to get you the lean look you are looking for. The last 30 days of Insanity take the first 30 days workouts and make them even harder. Your cardio and strength will be pushed to the max. If you have ever played sports in your life the best way to describe it would be two a day practices squeezed into 45 minutes.

Since Insanity is a total body conditioning program you will be using your abs as the main muscle through out it as you will need to have built up a strong core area to complete the moves. On certain days of the week you will be doing a 12 minute ab workout after the 45 minute work. When you get to the point of completing both of those you will be well on your way to getting a lean muscular look.

Even though Insanity is primarily a total body workout it is also a excellent ab exercise for men. You are doing so much moving around during such a short period of time that your abs will begin to start showing in no time. To help you get your abs showing there is also the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan. It is a simple and easy to follow meal plan which will tell you what foods to eat.

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Rev Abs

Are you sick and tired of the same old boring workout routine? If so, you are not the only one. So many people spend a bunch of time in the gym not getting the results they are looking for. The reason why they are not seeing any changes is because they are not challenging their muscles with new moves and exercises. This is where Rev Abs comes in.

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Celebrity trainer Brett Hobel has put together a 90 day workout program that uses techniques called Abcentrics and Capoeira. With Abcentrics you will doing intense exercises designed to get your abs fired up and burning through the fat. With Capoeira you will be incorporating Brazilian martial arts to give the rest of your body a workout will still concentrating on your core.

Rev Abs is designed to get you the six pack abs you are looking for in 90 days. This way you can build up your strength and confidence while doing the workout. Too many other workouts set the wrong expectations be thinking you will get in ridiculous shape in a couple weeks. We all know that is not the case. It will take time to bun through the fat and get you the results you want. There are 7 workouts that come with Rev Abs and all deal specifically with ab movements. While this is a ab focused workout it does involve some resistance training in one of the workouts. Your body needs the resistance training to build on the muscle you are developing.

Working out is only one part of the equation. Nutrition is the other. With Rev Abs you will get a nutrition plan to help you pick out the right foods to maximize your results. It is so good that Rev Abs comes with a 2 week guarantee saying that if you do not lose 10 pounds or 1 waist size in your first two weeks that your money will be refunded. Talk about a guarantee.  The Rev Abs workout guide is included with it to tell you what workouts to do in what order along with some tips to help you fight off the fat. Rev Abs is one of the best ab workouts for men in that it includes more than just crunches and sit ups. It mixes in Brazilian martial arts, resistance training, and intense cardio moves. No other ab workout is designed like this.

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